'As a fresh millennium dawns around us, a new and vital skill is waiting to be born in the human organism and it is a talent that will increasingly be necessary for any person who hopes to survive and flourish in the emerging era. We may call it the skill of navigating between worlds.' *

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ZoŽ Br‚n is an author and journalist and a lecturer in Creative Thinking and Writing; she is also a shamanic practitioner and healer, a Kundalini yoga instructor and the designer of Creative Guidance.

This site has information about ZoŽ's work in Creativity and Spirituality and details of Creative Guidance, a unique system designed to enhance and develop individual and organisational creativity, through integrating mind, body, spirit and emotion and bringing them into harmony with each other.

There is information here on ZoŽ's books of travel literature, essays and reviews and information on her travel photography.

You will find more information on ZoŽ's work with Core Shamanism, Kundalini Yoga and the yogic healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan in the section How Does Creative Guidance Work?






* David Abrams, Earth in Eclipse