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Many of us imagine that creativity is something to do with being Ďartisticí. In fact every living person is creative in their own individual way whether you are a gardener, a factory worker, a novelist, a firefighter or someone who doesn't work at all.

Creative Guidance is a unique integration of approaches encompassing the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. CG aims to harmonise these aspects so that creativity flows clearly and continuously and becomes as natural as breathing. It is designed to support those people who wish to become their own creation. It is also for creative professionals wishing to enhance specific areas of their working lives.

Through an ongoing process of reflection, ZoŽ came to recognise certain universal factors in all of the seemingly different work that she has done during her career so far: everything revolved around self-expression and its relation to her own creativity. This realisation motivated her to further study the nature of creativity itself. She found highly effective models in Shamanic Journeying which draws, in part, on the universal unconsciousness as described by Jungian psychology, in the focussed meditations of the Sat Nam Rasayan healing tradition, and in the study of archetypes made by Joseph Campbell and others.

Learning to recognise and work from her own creativity was a challenging path.Now ZoŽ offers her experience and insight to others seeking to find the creative centre in their own working lives.