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CG offers clients a professional standard of personal development employing therapeutic values, but it is not psychotherapy and it is not intended as such. CG is a four-pointed approach which can guide individual clients towards change, action and greater creative freedom in their personal and working lives.


Some professionals already have an established career, voice or presence but wish to expand their horizons to achieve new levels of success

Some indivuals may be moving from one field to another or taking on a new, perhaps daunting project and need transition guidance

Others may be starting out on a creative career and require support and guidance to reach toward their potential

Finally, CG offers guidance in developing and establishing single, one-off projects in any area requiring creativity, helping clients to focus and refine what the project requires

CG offers solutions based on requirement. These can include:

Individual Project Development - Link to Project Development

Overcoming Creative Blocks             

Making Career Choices 


You don't have to be an 'artist' ...

CG is designed for:

women and men working in the creative field - such as writers, visual artists, designers, architects and many others who wish to expand their creativity and/or change career path

and also for

anyone wishing to make their everyday life more creative - from enhanced leisure time, to family life, personal relationships, other personal interests

CG provides direction for anyone wishing to:

clarify goals                              design personal projects

find new solutions                    ease transitions

make career assessments       understand their own process

enhance imagination               harness creative energy

overcome fear of change         identify ambitions