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Research shows that involvement with the arts increases motivation, builds teamwork and inspires people - factors that business leaders identify as key profit drivers. *

CG can benefit businesses and organisations wishing to enhance the creative output, productivity, work satisfaction, and health of their employees.

ZoŽ's experience of researching and writing about the structure and management of organisations, her work in local government and management of a leading NGO, has helped her develop CG for organisations.

CG offers solutions based on requirement. These can include:

  • Group Project Development
  • Enhancing Group Productivity
  • Re-organisation/location issues
  • Staff Development

Participants in CG courses and workshops will: 

Understand the factors which influence creativity in an organisational or business environment

Be aware of the individual and organisational barriers which may inhibit creativity, including their own personal barriers

Be aware of and able to use a range of techniques for defining different types of problems, generating solutions and implementing them

Be able to apply the theories and techniques of
CG Problem Solving to real events in business and organisations

CG and Individual Employees:

Guidance is also available for employees developing specific projects or who require individual mentoring.

Contact ZoŽ Br‚n to learn more about how CG can benefit the individuals in your organisation.


* Arts and Business, 'Working Together' 2003