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'Modern schools of psychotherapy ... employ many of the methods and techniqaues of consciousness change that were known in the ancient systems of shamanism, alchemy and yoga. In some instances, for example in both Freud's and Jung's borrowing of alchemical ideas, the derivation is quite conscious and deliberate.' ....... .. (Ralph Metzner)


CG is not psychotherapy and is not intended as such, although it can be very complementary to the therapeutic process.

We have all wondered if we are competent enough, clever enough, creative enough to initiate or complete projects, make our way in an increasingly demanding and complex work-environment and ultimately, achieve our goals. Stress, anxiety and ill-health are just some of the results of a negative 'story'.

By revealing and working with the 'life narrative' of an individual or an organisation, specifically in relation to their creativity, the emotional impact of that narrative's negative aspects can be altered and transmuted. This alchemical reaction is the result of CG's holistic approach to transformation and uses a range of techniques as appropriate, including: discussion, counselling, visualisation and regression.





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