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What Is Project Development?

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Project Development Advantage is a section of CG which focusses on key goals. It is designed to offer mentoring and developmental support to photographers, writers, and other creatives who are working on proposals, books, shows, exhibitions or similar individual projects. It can also benefit non-creative professionals who are working on specific projects, in any field, requiring focus and inspiration.

Advantage uses the four-angle approach to problem solving and creative enhancement. Clients are encouraged to:

move beyond an initial idea, through development, to a finished product

become action orientated

focus and refine the project's goals

clarify for themselves the role of this project in their working lives

recognise and overcome any personal blocks to creativity

identify the project's advantages and obstacles and learn how to use both positively

Advantage for Writers:

As an author and a teacher of writing Zoë has had many years experience understanding and refining the needs of writers - from the experienced author to the first timer. Some fo the skills that a writer will hone or re-develop with Advantage include:

Structure eye-catching fiction and non-fiction proposals/outlines

Find and express your own voice

Understand and adapt for personal use the seven key elements of all writing ...

Bring character, narrative and plot alive

Understand and become a player in the world of agents and publishers

Become a professional


From 1 November 2006 Advantage offers four 2-hour weekly sessions for £465.

Sessions can be tailored to requirement. Contact Zoë about your project and a personal plan can be made for you.